All the products we offer have good synergy. Product can be supplied quickly, with the required level of technical support needed to ensure swift design and production cycles.

New products are constantly being developed to meet the demands of the market.

Cable Assembly
We supply cable assembly not only to the Consumer Electronics industry, but also to the Automotive, Military and Fibre markets, all to the required regulatory approval status.

Data Connectors
Sata connectorsWe recognise Consumer Electronic products are reducing in size and offer solutions that work alongside. We can supply: USB, HDMI, RJ45, Ethernet, eSATA, DC Jack, RCA, HDD, Smart Card, Cable Card and more.

We provide high quality, low noise, competitively priced fans for Consumer Electronics applications. We offer both fans and blowers and provide expert technical design knowledge. If required, the prototype design can be placed into an Acoustic Chamber.

Flat Flexible Cables (FFC)
We can supply a variety of flat flexible cables, all of which are approved to the Sony Green Partner Company standard. Our FFCs are Halogen free, and include Shielded and Impedance Controlled flat flexible cables. Branded FFC’s can also be supplied.

Image of RF fieldsRadio Frequency Connectors (RF)
We can supply standard and full custom solutions that meet current RF test requirements. Our connectors are designed to meet the current RF criteria which is becoming more restricted for products such as TV and Set-Top-Box applications.